Wednesday, October 8, 2014

#OldNews -BelowDeck: David Bradberry -Marines, Gay Porn, Reality Show

DAVID BRADBERRY Went From The Marines To Gay Porn To Bravo Reality Show
With the sheer number of reality shows spanning countless channels, its not so surprising a number of contestants have dabbled in adult cinema. One of the cable TV star with a gay porn past is David Bradberry, former star of Bravo’s seafaring series Below Deck 
(And if that doesn’t sound like the title of a porn movie, we don’t know what does.)

The show sees a cast of crewmates working on a luxury yacht, and Bradberry certainly has his sea legs: he joined the Marines at age 17 and rose to the level of corporal. 
But shortly after leaving the service, 
He (who also went by David Townson, David Townsend, and David Alanson) Filmed a number of hardcore videos for ACTIVE DUTY as well as a film for Dirty Bird Pictures co-starring fellow aspiring Hollywood actor Brent Corrigan,
entitled Brent Corrigan’s Heat.

According to his bio, the openly gay Bradberry provided security for former Presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush Jr and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
 and has done work for Trevor Project and Toys for Tots.

He told the Advocate if given the choice “I probably would not have ever done,” but insists  “I have no regrets about my choices…  [they] will limit future ones, which is unfortunate, 
but just a fact I will have to live with.”

David as "David" in ACTIVE DUTY


  David in ACTIVE DUTY "David & Blake Flip-Fuck

In December 2009 before Below Deck he released this...
Through his attorney, David Bradberry —the former Marine corporal and star of a slew of gay porn videos — made clear that he doesn’t want his name out there in the media. But that’s not stopping him from granting press interviews. Which is curious, because he doesn’t even have a porn star career to promote even more; after a recent stint with Brent Corrigan, Bradberry says he’s no longer making porn. But after telling Queerty he’d be more than happy to answer our questions, Bradberry is no longer talking to us; instead, he’s fielding requests from Regent Media’s The Advocate and its porn cousin Unzipped. And that’s where he reveals that despite all the negative attention, he’s glad he joined the military — and has “no regrets” about starring in porn.
If he could make the decision all over again, “I probably would not have ever done” porn, Bradberry says. But: “I have no regrets about my choices, but I know now that I have burnt several bridges with my actions. The choices I have made will limit future ones, which is unfortunate, 
but just a fact I will have to live with.”
Bradberry joined the Marines straight out of high school in 2004, and served four years before an honorable discharged in 2008. A year later, he was doing porn, enticing — a website operated by a one Dink Flamingo, notorious for filming current and former military men engaged in unprotected sex — subscribers with his, uh, military training. (He says he purposefully did not star in porn while enlisted: I knew the risks and they were simply too great for me personally.”)
And despite what he sees as negative attention, he’s proud of his military service. “Joining the military was the best decision of my life, and I would never go back and change it,” he says. “While I maintain that the best years of my life are ahead of me – my time spent in the military was simply amazing. I grew so much as a person – spiritually and culturally. I had the opportunity to experience things that will forever highlight my life.”
All the best, David.